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Research Activities


Neurotechnologies raise a profound set of philosophical, ethical and social questions. That is the reason why an ethical reflection has been developed in collaboration with philosophers in moral philosophy and philosophy of the technics hired in the team at the core of our scientific investigations in order to integrate this reflection at the level where technological developments are being made. Our goal is to generate a better understanding of the ethical aspects of emerging neurotechnologies; to explore how scientists are integrating societal values into brain sciences and neurotechnological developments; and to develop an ethical accompaniment to help the science in progress to consider its ethical implications. Specifically, three reflections have been conducted: 1) on the implications of BCIs in general at the level of animals, patients and mankind; 2) on the implication of externalizing inner speech with speech BCIs in collaboration with the University of Oxford; 3) more generally on the impact of artificial intelligence (increasingly used in neurotechnologies) on human subjectivation.

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