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NeuroTech Lab


Neurotechnology and Network Dynamics

The NeuroTech lab is composed of two teams of the Grenoble Institut for Neuroscience (GIN). We develop and assess neurotechnologies for neural interfacing toward new rehabilitation strategies using neural prostheses and brain-computer interfaces. In particular, we focus on the cortical dynamics underlying speech and vocal production, and on finding strategies to restore speech in people who have lost communication abilities. Specifically, we aim to :

  • Assess large-scale cortical implants

  • Develop new types of very low-power wireless neural interfacing sensors and hadware

  • Develop fully unsupervised neuromorphic methods to process neural data in real time based on artificial neural networks

  • Highlight the dynamics of cortical networks underlying speech and vocal production

  • Develop real-time software framework for closed-loop paradigmes

  • Develop brain-computer interfaces for speech rehabilitation

To accompany these scientific activities, we have anchored within the group an ethical reflection with philosophers on the implications of neurotechnologies at the level of patients and society.

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