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Axonal Regeneration Project funded by UGA (PhD position available)

The recent data of the Nawabi and Belin's teams at GIN show that regenerating axons in the Central Nervous system (CNS) neurons are not able to find their proper target after injury leading to impairment of functional recovery. Today, no treatments are available to treat patient after traumatic of chronic injury like neurodegenerative disease. This represents a huge challenge for medicine and society. In this context, Nawabi and Hebert's teams have been recently granted an IDEX funding by UGA, to combine advanced biotechnology and neurotechnology to manipulate guidance cues in order to improve brain innervation by electric stimulation and functional recovery in the mouse visual system.

A 3 year PhD position is opened to work on this project. Have a look to our "joins us" page.

Further information available on Homaira Nawabi's website:

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